Reference book Sitlosophy

Download the SITLOSOPHY® Reference Book

SITLOSOPHY® has collected in a single digital document a number of furnishing projects by architects and interior designers from all over the world that highlight their commitment to quality and aesthetics. A single resource that turns a series of projects into a source of inspiration for those seeking original furniture solutions.

SITLOSOPHY® is distinguished by its philosophy of combining style and innovation in furniture with a view to sustainability. It embraces different design expressions: from contemporary lines to more classic solutions, offering a complete range of options to satisfy every taste and need.

The SITLOSOPHY® Reference Book is more than just a collection of designs but a collection of concrete evidence of the continuous search for detail.

The versatility of SITLOSOPHY® products offers a full range of options to suit a variety of contexts from the office to the boardroom to public and hospitality environments. Each design reflects the quality of the finishes, the durability of the materials and the attention paid to every aspect of the creation process.