The SITLOSOPHY® catalogue is available for use in pCon.planner, the configuration and planning software that allows you to create interior designer projects and budget products quickly and intuitively.

With pCon.planner you can create detailed designs in 3D, whether you start a project from scratch or use an existing 2D design as a reference. pCon.planner allows you to integrate your designs with CAD models in different formats (DWG, SKP, 3DS…) and import drawings in IFC format with all the necessary information to achieve the best solution.

Once you have access to the product library, you will be able to place SITLOSOPHY® products in your project and configure them in every detail by selecting from the wide range of models and finishes available those that best suit your needs.

To download the free version of the software click here. To request access to the SITLOSOPHY® product library click here.

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