Even before 2020, work and leisure dynamics tended to become more and more intertwined, an aspect that was intensified by the health emergency that began in 2020, which, for reasons of force majeure, made the borders between private and working life more fluid. The introduction of smart working has redesigned the home environment, but at the same time the office has once again become an important resource for developing interpersonal relationships and interaction in general. It is in this sense that many large hi-tech companies that had begun to leave their headquarters by promoting remote working are now trying to find a balance between this dimension and office. According to research by PwC, PwC’s US Remote Work Survey (https://www.pwc.com/us/en/library/covid-19/us-remote-work-survey.html) 87% of business leaders believe that the office function is important for team building and collaboration. However, again according to the same survey, fewer than one in five executives have any hope of returning to the office in the same pre-Covid capacity. For many, the ideal solution will be a hybrid model that balances business and personal needs.

Chairs for the contemporary workplace

In this context, furniture is also becoming an important part of the definition of new workspaces. Chairs and tables are becoming an integral part of a new philosophy of living space where classic workstations are giving way to shared spaces similar to co-working spaces in the way they are used. However, the need for ergonomic furniture in line with the main Italian and European directives remains unquestionable. To respond to these requirements SITLOSOPHY® offers ergonomic office chairs such as Kilig or Piper that remain the best solution for those seeking functionality and performance. These products are also the answer to those who need a home office chair that is easy to use and adaptable to different domestic contexts.

Meeting and training: the multifunctional chairs

New workspaces also require waiting, training and meeting spaces. These are large spaces that can accommodate many people at the same time while guaranteeing safety and comfort at the same time. The minimalist design of the Lagom and Yugen multifunctional chairs meets these requirements. Two collections with a complete proposal to coordinate different situations.

Sharing and privacy

In public spaces there is always a need to think about all-round comfort. Offices, waiting rooms, airport lounges, museums, hotels and libraries all need to put their users at ease, with dedicated relaxation areas, or more extensive interior design projects that help socialise and create relaxing situations, at work as well as in private life, without sacrificing elegance and quality craftsmanship. It is precisely from this vision that modular sofas such as Ikebana, small sofas and upholstered armchairs, benches that can be composed and arranged as desired, playing with the space with colour combinations such as Format and Domino, or even soft alcoves, such as Itaca by Studio Omega, to never have to give up a moment of privacy during a phone call or when carrying out an activity in which silence and concentration are required.