An ergonomic workstation consists of several components: the most important is the chair, which must comply with certain performance and safety requirements in order to ensure suitable working conditions for the protection and safety of users.

The dimensional requirements for seating are defined and described in the UNI EN 1335-1:2020 standard, the latest version of which, which came into force in September 2020, introduced important changes compared to previous editions. Alessio Gnaccarini, General Director of COSMOB and Luca Tomassini of COSMOB spoke to SITLOSOPHY® about this and some important details.

COSMOB, as an accredited body, deals with the certification of seating according to UNI EN 1335-1:2020. The COSMOB Quality Testing Laboratory, through the execution of physical-mechanical tests, verifies the conformity of office chairs to the UNI EN 1335-1:2020 standard.

Fundamental to the certification is the method of determining the measurements for which the ISO 24496:2017 standard, adopted internationally, must be taken as reference; this standard also considers the thrust on the backrest, simulating the weight of a seated person leaning on it. A fundamental aspect in reconciling safety and user comfort.

A further change from the previous version of 2000 concerns the introduction of a new type of seat classification (type AX) for a total of four types of seats (AX, A, B and C).

The AX type seat takes into account a much wider range of population compared to the other reference classes, thus providing for greater adjustment possibilities in terms of seat depth and height and maximum distance from the backrest to the front edge of the armrests.

The new edition of the UNI EN 1335-1:2020 standard also introduces an explanation of the importance of the different seat adjustments, l an example of how to interpret the table of dimensional requirements, the dimensions of the neckrest and headrest.

In Italy, UNI EN 1335-1:2020 together with UNI EN 1335-2:2018 is the reference standard for determining compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 on health and safety in the workplace.

Watch the video to learn about COSMOB and the new classes certifying office chairs.

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