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Innovative Learning Spaces: Proposals for PNRR Funds

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June 2023 is the deadline for schools to indicate contractors for supplies and services related to the School Plan 4.0 project of the PNRR.

In Italy, the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, has in fact identified education and research as one of the assets for leaving a valuable legacy to future generations and creating robust, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The funds earmarked for schools are part of the School 4.0 Plan, consisting of two actions, aimed at renovating school buildings and integrating digital tools to optimise forms of web-based teaching into students’ daily lives and bring them closer to the professions of the future.

Mantra by Sitlosophy - Arredo PNRR

The first action “Next generation classroom” is aimed at state primary schools and state secondary schools. The objective of this action is to innovate teaching through the redesign of classrooms and learning environments:

common areas, laboratories, corridors are also part of these environments. The funds available vary according to the number of classes in the institute and are specified in the call for proposals. In addition to technological innovation, this action seeks the implementation of solutions that make an impact on daily teaching, thanks also to a renewal of furniture designed to encourage active and cooperative teaching methods and approaches, with the possibility of modifying classroom settings, i.e. the arrangement of desks or furniture, within the classroom according to different needs.

And it is precisely in this action that the choice of certain types of furniture can make a difference in promoting well-being, fostering a greater sense of belonging and having a positive impact on learning.

The spaces involved in the NRP funds are the connecting spaces, such as corridors, atriums, terraces, lounges and the innovative classrooms for informal learning.

It is precisely in these spaces that modular seating programmes such as Mantra and Format and Ikebana become the ideal solution to create environments where informal training sessions can be organised, but also meeting places that facilitate the exchange of ideas and points of view as well as a place to re-connect with one’s companions and colleagues.


In these spaces even Yugen, combined with low tables, can become an interesting option, especially considering its flexibility to adapt to different spaces and uses. Lightweight, easy to clean and comfortable, Yugen can be moved around easily and configure ever-changing spaces by playing the joker for different situations.

The NRP also requires all furniture to comply with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM), criteria that SITLOSOPHY products meet.

The projects were submitted last 28 February with the signing of the concession agreement for the financing of the activities and the indication of the Unique Project Code (CUP).

However, it remains to be identified who will be entrusted with the supplies and services, which must be done by June 2023. This is therefore an important opportunity for professionals and operators in the furniture sector. Precisely in order to deepen this topic and that of CAM SITLOSOPHY® is organising a series of webinars with free participation lasting 30 minutes to learn more about the opportunities provided by the PNRR and to get to know all the SITLOSOPHY® products and services that can be included in the PNRR requirements.

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